5 simple way to get youtube subscriber

YouTube is all About subscription ,views and  Engagement .

For YouTube Earning one must fulfill 4000 hours of  views & at least 1000 subscriber.

5 Simple Tips to Get more Followers and Views on YouTube

TIP 1.  

Channel Page with Subscription Pop-Up Link

Add  ?sub_confirmation=1   after you channel name and send to all your contact

TIP 2.

Create videos and  Publish  Frequently

check  : youtube channel

TIP 3.

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Optimizing your videos helps your content rank high on YouTube.
one can use tubebuddy

TIP 4.

Add a Subscriber Watermark to Your Videos.

check watermark in below mentioned video.

TIP 5.

Interact with Your Audience ,comments and try to reply all comments

Bonus and important Tips.

Share and promote your Video on Social Media : via

  • Facebook
  • twitter
  • quora

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