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Salgirah Mubarak 2023

  Wishing you all Salgirah Mubarak From Rahim Padaniya and Family

Ismaili tariqa practices - theismaili

  Ismaili  tariqa  practices SOURCE  : THEISMAILI Ismaili  jamatkhanas  are private  tariqa  spaces.  Tariqa  is an Arabic word meaning “path” and refers to a path to spiritual enlightenment and union with God.  Tariqas  are communities of Muslims that follow a path guided by a spiritual leader, such as a Shia Imam or a Sufi murshid. They guide their community’s interpretation and practice of the Islamic faith as part of an inward search for spiritual enlightenment.  As direct hereditary descendants of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny), Imams in the Shia interpretation of Islam are responsible for interpreting the faith and improving the quality of life of the community and the societies in which they live. The Imam-of-the-Time has the sole authority to determine Ismaili  tariqa  practices in  jamatkhana  at any time.