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GET Ready,Get Set, Get fast in 2009.

So, Ismaili Marathon In Mumbai.I Am Running........a Dream Run 5 KM . Inshallah i Have a Personally Feeling ,that i look forward for a Partnership walk in india, in the future. Its a first time AKYSB India is hosting ismaili Marathon In India,Mumbai GET ready Get Set Get fast in 2009. Here is My Lucky Number..Register Yesterday for Dream Run 5 Km.Meet you - all My ismaili Friends @ Ismaili Marathon...Mumbai ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Nanubhai on Dalal Street

I happened to run in to Nanubhai on Dalal Street. He was eating Khaman Dhokla in a farsan shop. "Kame cho, Nanubhai?" "Saru che." He was looking glum but gestured me to join him. As I bit into the tasty dhokla with tangy chutney on the Friday afternoon, which was fast turning into a 'Manic Friday' as per Dalal Street lingo, he was staring at the bull near the entrance, which overnight had become a Russian bear hugging everybody that passed the Street. Nanubhai is a well-respected Dalal Street dada with an answer to every shareholder's query. "What went wrong with Lehman Brothers?" I asked. "Lots of things. If the founder brothers, Henry, Emanuel and Mayer were alive this wouldn't have happened. Lehman Brothers were more than a 150-year-old company. But yet, it had no Lehman in the company. Such a situation can never happen in India ." "Are you trying to tell me an Indian would have handled this differently?" "B

Happy Valentine Day wishes 4 my dear

24hrs make a lovely day, 7 days make a lovely week, 52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a Person like u will make my life lovely. Happy Valentines Day--- 2 My sweetheart................From RHP ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!