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Mowlana Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III

48th Imam - Direct Desendant of Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh) His Highness the Agakhan Karim Al-Hussaini- Maulana Hazar Imam, Pays Tribute to his grandfather : "Many Many Memories come to our minds as we think of him. He achieved in his life, for our community ,that which could only have been accomplished normally in a period of many generations. The tributes that the world has paid him bear Honest Testimony to his great life and work"- Takht Nashini,Karachi,January 23,1958 Read more About Agakhan III visit :  

Navroz Mubarak

Ismaili Muslims worldwide observe Navroz (Nowruz), a festival that marks the beginning of a new year and the first day of spring. Navroz signifies a time of spiritual renewal and physical rejuvenation, as well as a spirit of gratitude for blessings and an outlook of hope and optimism.   Navroz commemorates a centuries-old, agrarian custom that over time was integrated into various cultures and faith traditions. Its origins are traced to ancient Persia, being the first day of the Persian solar year.  The celebration of Navroz has extended through various parts of the Muslim world and beyond, over the centuries. Today, Navroz is celebrated by some 300 million people in Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and many other countries. In each of these different regions of the world, Navroz is observed in diverse ways. The commemorations blend together local cultures and customs with the religious beliefs and interpretations found in different regions of the world.  In Iran, Navroz