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Jogeshwari Jamatkhana Stone Laying Ceremony..Happy Moments..!!

Sukhar Maula,For the Great Celebration,Which was Held in Jogeshwari behrambaug Jamatkahana .I did Enjoyed a lot.Jogeshwari Jamat was waiting for this moments for the last 30 years.And finally we had a wounderful day.looking forward for a High Profile,Centralised Ac Jogeshwari Jamatkhana in couple of years.we had a full day programme with Lunch,dinner,Dandiya Raas with manisha.Sharing you with few images of  happiness of Jogeshwari jamat. ]

Surat and Vapi Jamatkhana Pic

Freinds Just Visited Surat and Vapi, As usual what i do when i visit new places -Taken Pic of SuratJamatkhana and Vapi Jamatkhana. SURAT Jamatkhana VAPI JAMATKHANA ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Deen+Duniya=Success....!!!