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Visit to Ahmedabad Karimabad Jamatkhana

Wow...........Lovely Great Beautiful Karimabad Ahmedabad Jamatkhana *** RHP *** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Deen + Duniya =Success....!!!

Surat and Vapi Jamatkhana Pic

Freinds Just Visited Surat and Vapi, As usual what i do when i visit new places -Taken Pic of SuratJamatkhana and Vapi Jamatkhana. SURAT Jamatkhana VAPI JAMATKHANA ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Deen+Duniya=Success....!!!

What A session IPNOnline

My Entry Pass What a Session Yesterday-attended International Professional Network ( IPN) Mumbai Chapter, seminar on Networking for Success. Economic Planning Board for India and Economic Affairs Committee Conducted Networking for Success Seminar At IMC chuchgate,Mumbai India... Suresh The Speaker did a Great Job. One can Say a 100 % successful seminar.God Bless the whole Team who conducted the can Log on to to be in touch of ismaili professional around the globe. Note : IPN is the Independent Body, but works under the aegis of the Economic Planning Board and Economic affairs Committee.The IPN Mumbai,Organized Networking for Success Seminar with the help of EPB Western India and EPB. They Did the excellence Job. ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Pir shams Dargah, Badodar Gujrat

Yaa Ali Madad Visited Shams Pir dargah when i was Small located in Badodar,khatiyawad,jungardh ,gujrat india. ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Jogeshwari jamatkhana the place of peace.

Yaa Ali Madad Thatz The Place where I pray,Jogeshwari Behrambaug Jamatkhana,Inshallah by the grace and blessing of maula ,We will have a New jamatkhana here soon.Maula Ne chaha toh zaroor jald.The place i love the most in india is the jogeshwari jamatkhana,opposite to home,great good ground where have various jamatkhana activities,dandiya raas,jumble sale. Jamati members are so cooperative here,all ismailis are welcome to visit Jogeshwari behrambaug jamatkhana.hope you all guys will not miss the opportunity to meet me in jogeshwari .anyone visiting mumbai,can visit the jamatkhana. ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Visited secunderabad Jamatkhana--Beauty.

It was a wonderful time,Last month visited secunderabad Jamatkhana,hydrabad.nice beautiful jamatkhana,good looking,discipline,fantastic,loved the good atmosphere while prayering for two days.inshallah will be visited few more Jamatkhana in india. Was busy with my work would have been to abids chiragali Jamatkhana,inshallah next time,would share the feeling. Pray for all........RHP ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

World Partnership Walk 2009 -when in India..?

The World Partnership Walk is Canada's largest annual event dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to fight global poverty. Now in its 25th year, the Walk is organized by volunteers in nine cities across the country and attracts tens of thousands of Canadians united in a common effort to bring hope and renewal to some of the poorest communities in the world. Last year nearly 40,000 participants came together across Canada to raise $5.5 million in support of international development. Join us this year and "Walk the Walk!" After the Success of Mumbai Marathon,Hope Indian ismaili soon launch world partnership walk in india. ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Navroz Mubarak

***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

GET Ready,Get Set, Get fast in 2009.

So, Ismaili Marathon In Mumbai.I Am Running........a Dream Run 5 KM . Inshallah i Have a Personally Feeling ,that i look forward for a Partnership walk in india, in the future. Its a first time AKYSB India is hosting ismaili Marathon In India,Mumbai GET ready Get Set Get fast in 2009. Here is My Lucky Number..Register Yesterday for Dream Run 5 Km.Meet you - all My ismaili Friends @ Ismaili Marathon...Mumbai ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Nanubhai on Dalal Street

I happened to run in to Nanubhai on Dalal Street. He was eating Khaman Dhokla in a farsan shop. "Kame cho, Nanubhai?" "Saru che." He was looking glum but gestured me to join him. As I bit into the tasty dhokla with tangy chutney on the Friday afternoon, which was fast turning into a 'Manic Friday' as per Dalal Street lingo, he was staring at the bull near the entrance, which overnight had become a Russian bear hugging everybody that passed the Street. Nanubhai is a well-respected Dalal Street dada with an answer to every shareholder's query. "What went wrong with Lehman Brothers?" I asked. "Lots of things. If the founder brothers, Henry, Emanuel and Mayer were alive this wouldn't have happened. Lehman Brothers were more than a 150-year-old company. But yet, it had no Lehman in the company. Such a situation can never happen in India ." "Are you trying to tell me an Indian would have handled this differently?" "B

Happy Valentine Day wishes 4 my dear

24hrs make a lovely day, 7 days make a lovely week, 52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a Person like u will make my life lovely. Happy Valentines Day--- 2 My sweetheart................From RHP ***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Success....!!!

Jogeshwari Behrambaug Band Group

***RHP*** Love,peace,unity,transparency.....!!! Din+Duniya=Succeess....!!!