Lose weight while eating the foods that you enjoy.

It’s that time of year when we tend to feel the effects of over-indulgence from the holiday season, and promises of effortless weight loss lure us into trying the hottest new diet. This year, arm yourself with the knowledge that even as diets come and go, populations in the West seem to be getting heavier.
The word “diet” conjures up feelings of deprivation and hunger. When you deny yourself any foods, you seem to want them even more. This year, aim to adopt a balanced way of eating that will not leave you watching the clock for the next meal time.

Weight loss is just mathematics
Although it may not be obvious at first, losing weight is relatively easy. If you take in fewer calories each day than you use up, the result will be weight loss. So to lose weight you need to eat less, exercise more, or do both.
Most weight loss plans will enable you to lose weight. But, have you noticed how quickly the weight creeps back on again as soon as you come off the diet? And often, the weight regained means that you end up even heavier than you were in the first place – until of course you go for the next quick fix diet. This “yo-yo” dieting is neither good for your health, nor your weight loss goals.
The secret to losing weight is to find a way of eating that helps you to manage your weight in the long term.



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